T Meldrums's Restaurant for Good Time Food

The Staff at Meldrum’s Family Restaurant

T Meldrum’s - Where Customers are Friends

The Staff at Meldrums

Customers have been returning to T. Meldrum’s for decades. Ask any of the customers and they will tell you that the friendly and efficient servers, the cooks and the delicious, affordable breakfasts are among the biggest draws to our popular establishment. [Photo of Team Meldrum from left: Karen Lamos, CJ Johns, Carol Meldrum, Bobbi Dexter, Tom Meldrum, Corney Warstler and Karen Mason]

Meldrum’s first employee, Karen Lamos, has been with the restaurant for 37 years. She has befriended many customers and says “I work for friends and with friends. Our customers are our friends.”

Hired more than 30 years ago, manager CJ Johns says “We take care of each other here, helping each other with kids and families. We have been through a lot, sharing good times and helping each other through the bad. We are proud of our menu, and the food is delicious, but it really is all about our customers.”

The Staff at Meldrums